We strive to provide our clients with what they need. To offer a wide variety of services, we've partnered with several Service and Hardware Providers. In addition, we manage and research these companies, to remain informed on the latest developments in both software and hardware.

Service Partners

  WorldCom Qwest
  Digex  USWest
  UUNet  Sprint
  Brooks Fiber Verio
  XO Communications AT&T
  SBC Communications TelePacific
  Pacific Bell Cable and Wireless
  Level 3  Electric Lightwave
  Allegiance Telecom PacWest
  Global Crossing   Broadwing

Hardware Partners

  Cisco Systems Lucent Techologies
  Avaya Nortel Networks
  Juniper Networks Vina Technologies
  NEC Dell Computers
  Apple Computers Compaq Computers
  Sun Microsystems  Toshiba
  Hewlett Packard IBM

*All partners listed in these links are vendors who have a direct partnership w/ Coyote Networking, Inc.
 or affiliated through a second party source.