As a premier on-site networking company in the Silicon Valley, Coyote Networking, Inc. offers a wide variety of services, as well as specializing in custom solutions:

Servers and Security
 - Our consultants can support a wide range of server operating systems. We can provide security and create a strong backup plan to protect your network.

Software and Database applications -
We are experienced in supporting a wide range of Client Operating Systems. We can also support many off-the-shelf and custom software applications. Our consultants can learn your custom applications and provide you with support and training! 

Communications - Our consultants can provide you with all of your communication needs. Remote access, E-mail, Internet connectivity and Telephony. 

Hardware - We can maintain and upgrade your existing equipment, evaluate, suggest and upgrade your systems to newer technology and minimize your down time.

Training: With over 10 years in the business, our consultants can train your team to be more productive in a varity of ways. We are experienced in training users at all levels. We will train you using real world terms that you can understand!



LAN - "Local Area Networks" 
•  Servers
•  Workstation
•  Personal Computers
•  Switches

WAN - "Wide Area Networks"
• IP VPN, Frame
• Relay
• Point to Point
• Routers

•  Servers
•  Routers
•  Workstations
•  Phone Systems

Voice Services
• Long Distance
• Local Dial Tone
•  VoIP (Voice over IP)
• PRI/BRI / Phone Systems
• "Broadband" DSL
• Cable
• 768K, T1, DS-3, OC3

• VPN (Virtual Private Network)
• DMZ, Firewalls,

•  e-Commerce Solutions
•  Web Hosting
•  Web Co-Location